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Melted Aromas

Candle Making DIY Kits

Candle Making DIY Kits

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Introducing our all-new Candle Making Kits – the perfect blend of creativity and relaxation, designed to ignite your senses and brighten your space! 🕯️✨ Choose from six unique 14 oz candle tins, each with its own distinctive charm and style, and tailor your scent journey with a selection from five exquisite fragrance oil combinations. 🌸🌿

Each kit is thoughtfully curated to provide you with everything you need to craft your own luxurious candles at home:

  • 🕯️ 14 oz high-quality candle tins
  • 🕯️ 3 premium wicks for a clean and even burn
  • 🌈 Vibrant colored mica powder to add a touch of elegance to your creations
  • 🌸 Assorted florals for that extra special touch
  • 🌿 14 oz of eco-friendly soy wax, ensuring a long-lasting and clean burn
  • 🍶 Convenient pouring pitcher for easy and mess-free candle making
  • 📝 Detailed candle making instructions to guide you every step of the way
  • ✨ Stylish wick stickers and personalized candle labels to add a professional finish to your candles
  • 📌 Two centering sticks to ensure your wicks stay perfectly in place

🎉 Perfect for date nights, family fun nights, or a relaxing evening alone, our Candle Making Kits are the ideal way to explore your creativity and indulge in a little self-care.

But that's not all! 🎥 Melted Aroma will be going live starting once a month to host live candle making classes exclusively for those who have ordered the Candle Making Kits! Join us and learn the art of candle making from the comfort of your home, guided by our expert candle makers.

Unleash your inner artisan and create candles that reflect your unique personality and style. Whether you’re a seasoned candle maker or a complete beginner, our Candle Making Kits are the perfect way to explore your creativity and indulge in a little self-care.

Transform any space into a tranquil haven with your handcrafted candles, or create thoughtful and personalized gifts for your loved ones. With our Candle Making Kits, the possibilities are endless! 🎁

Get ready to immerse yourself in the art of candle making and experience the joy of crafting something beautiful with your own hands. Order your Candle Making Kit today and let your creativity shine! ✨

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