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Melted Aromas

Create your own Linen Spray & Wax Melts

Create your own Linen Spray & Wax Melts

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🕯️🌺 Join our Wax Melts and Linen/Car Spray Crafting Class on Sunday, March 10th, with sessions at 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm!

✨ **What's Included:**
- 8oz Linen/Car Spray materials: spray base, fragrance oils, customizable spray bottle.
- Wax Melts crafting: various molds, soy wax, wicks, vibrant color options.
- Personalized wax melt burner for each participant.

🎨 **Creative Freedom:**
- Choose molds for wax melts.
- Decorate and color your wax melts.
- Select your unique wax melt burner.

🍷 **BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine):**
Enhance the creative vibe with your favorite bottle of wine!

🕰️ **Duration:**
Enjoy a delightful 1.5-hour crafting experience.

🌟 **Personalization:**
- Name your spray.
- Decorate your candle.
- Create your own signature scent.

Don't miss this opportunity to craft and unwind – reserve your spot now!

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